Lucille van Ommering, A Space in Time Photography

I am a Sacramento-based photographer who brings my unique sense of color, perspective, and space to draw the eye to states of mind that have been experienced rather than visualized.

I have been fascinated with photography ever since my dad placed my trigger finger on his Realist 3D camera release button and said “count to 10 and then shoot!” Of course, dad wasn’t going to trust a 7 year old very long, especially when there were younger sisters who also had itchy fingers. So, I waited for my chance to start shooting on my own, beginning at the age of 15 with a Brownie, capturing scenes from unusual angles, just to be different – or so I told dad.

A liberal arts education put photography on hold, followed by a career in government which was able to squelch whatever creativity I thought I had. And yet, the need to create continued to bubble near the surface as I dabbled with whatever cameras I could get my hands on -- 35 mm Minoltas, 110/126 cartridge Instamatics, and first generation digitals (an Olympus that took 2 megabyte photos!).

Finally I was ready to progress to the next step. I purchased a Canon EOS T4i, taught myself Lightroom and Photoshop, and, most importantly, retired from government service. (Of course, I was still a mere child at the time!). I haven't stopped since, and have now progressed to a full frame Canon 5D, Mark III.

My enjoyment and enthusiasm for photography as art is displayed in the diversity of my work. I begin in Lightroom and then proceed to Photoshop as a foundation for different applications that lend tone, filters, and drama to the original image, and provide the enigmatic moods I wish to convey.

I exhibit my photography in several venues in the Sacramento region and have won numerous awards, including at the prestigious Viewpoint Gallery for the Photographic Arts, winning a best in show in 2015 and third place in 2017.

I am the principal of “A Space In Time Photography” and belong to several art centers in the region, including Blue Line Arts, the Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Viewpoint Gallery for the Photographic Arts, Yolo Arts, the Creative Arts League of Sacramento, and the Sierra Camera Club. 

My work can be found on my website:

Sierra Camera Club, “Living in the Sacramento Area”, a juried show by Curt Fishback – Best in Show; First Place, Black and White; First Place, Creative
Sacramento Fine Arts Center (SFAC), “Animal House” – Best in Photography
Lodi Arts, “Annual Spring Show” -- Best in Photography
SFAC/American River Parkway Foundation, “Where the Wild Things Are” - Honorable Mention
California State Fair, Fine Arts Exhibition, Awards of Merit (3)
KVIE Art Auction
Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission (SMAC)/SMUD, “Through the Lens”
48 Natoma Gallery, “Fresh Off the Farm”
Blue Line Arts, “Picture It”; “Membership Medley”
Rancho Cordova Community Arts Council (RCCC), “Patterns” and “In the Park”

KVIE Art Auction, Juror’s Award
SFAC, “In The Style of the Old Masters” - Best in Photography
Lodi Arts, Annual Photo Exhibition, Best in Show
Viewpoint Gallery, “Balanced” - 3rd Place
California State Fair - Award of Merit
SMAC/SMUD, “Picturesque”
RCCC, “Zoom In”; “Black and White Show”
Blue Line Arts, “It Figures”; “The Art of Movement”; “The Bra Show”

Rocklin Fine Arts, “Annual Art Show” - Second Place, Photography Division
SFAC, “In the Style of the Old Masters” - Best in Photography
SFAC, “Animal House” - Best in Photography 
Art League of Lincoln, “Annual Show for Photography and Digital Arts” - Second Place
Amador County Fair - Best in Division – Photo Manipulation; First Place, Photo Manipulation; Second Place, Scenes of Amador County Photography Division
KVIE Art Auction

Viewpoint Gallery, “Photoshop TWELVE” - Best In Show
California State Fair - Merit Award
SFAC, “Visions: Annual Photo Show” - Honorable Mention
Art League of Lincoln, “Annual Show for Photography and Digital Arts” - Third Place and Honorable Mention
California Environmental Protection Agency, “Annual Photo Exhibition” - People’s Choice Award

SFAC, “Magnum Opus” - Special Award
SFAC, “In the Style of the Masters” - Merit Award
California State Fair - Award of Excellence
SFAC, “Visions” - Best In Show
Lodi Arts, “Annual Photo Show” - 2nd Place
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